Costs of All-on-4® procedure

Treat yourself - think of yourself - you deserve it!

Your All-On-4® Investment

We know you have concerns about the cost of the procedure. We provide detailed information plane for every patient since each treatment is unique!

CARBERY DENTISTERIE has strict principles and protocols for surgical and prosthetic procedures, high standard materials and a team of professionals working there for you.

We work tirelessly to deliver the best possible outcome for all of our patients.

Keep in mind that it is an investment you make for yourself, it is about your smile, your personal confidence, your pride that will benefit you 24/7.

Since each person is unique with different needs, we recommend a consultation at the clinic, so we can discuss different options available to fit your budget.

Financial plan

Quality of life is priceless!

At CARBERY DENTISTERIE, we know that the prospect of better self-esteem and better use of teeth with dental implants comes with concerns about the cost and financing options available. Rest assured that we can offer each patient a financing plan within their personal budget.

Financing options

Whether or not you have dental insurance, you deserve to have the best possible treatment plan. DENTOPLAN is a financial tool designed to provide you with immediate access to treatments that you may have otherwise had to postpone. After all, it's about your well-being… and the image you want to portray. Did you know that, just like when buying furniture or a car, you can also invest in your smile using a monthly payment plan? You will be surprised to see how your new smile is much more affordable than you think!


Tax credits

In Quebec as well as Canada, a tax credits can be applied to the portion of your medical fees that is not covered by insurance. Dental fees are considered medical fees, and are therefore admissible as tax credits, lowering the actual amount you will have to pay for your treatment.

For more information about eligible expenses, visit the websites for  Revenue Quebec and Revenue Canada.

This section of the document does not constitute a financial opinion and is meant only to make the reader aware of the tax credits they can take advantage of for medical fees. See your accountant for more information. For reference only.

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