What is the All-on-4®?

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The All-On-4® Dental Implant Procedure, invented by Carbery clinic, is one of the most innovative dental technologies of our time. With this procedure, the patient will have, on the very same day of the surgery, their temporary fixed prosthesis installed on only 4 implants.

Strategic positioning and tilting of the implants are crucial. It reduces the number of implants and allows patients, with restricted bone mass, to receive a fixed prosthesis without doing a bone graft in most cases.

This procedure can be applied on both upper or lower jaw.

Your new teeth resemble, feel and work similarly to natural teeth, with simple maintenance and cleaning.

This great procedure puts the benefits of the patient up front, especially the ones who want to quickly regain the feel of a fixed, functional and aesthetic teeth.

Unfortunately, due to the popularity of the concept, many might claim to perform the All-on-4® procedure without necessarily following the right protocol. Therefore, we recommend getting information with your dentist about the procedure he will perform and his expertise.

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Another alternative to avoid bone grafting in most cases!

Zygomatic implants can be used when a patient has severe bone atrophy in the maxilla (upper jaw). As the name suggests, these implants are inserted into the zygomatic bone, also known as the cheekbone or malar bone, right next to the sinus maxillary.

Zygomatic implants are longer than conventional dental implants and their insertion point is higher in the face. For anatomical reasons, they can only be used in the upper jaw.

To avoid bone grafting, zygomatic implants combined with conventional implants (in some cases) allow you to receive a temporarily fixed prosthesis on implants of natural appearance the same day of the surgery.

Dr. Antony Carbery is the Ambassador of ALL-ON-4® in Canada

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Here are the steps for ALL-ON-4® procedure

Step 1

Your first meeting with Dr. Carbery and his team

During your first meeting with our team, you will have an opportunity to freely discuss your dental issues, any frustrations you may have and the results you hope to achieve. This is the perfect opportunity to ask questions about the process, learn about our team's success stories and discover the many options available to you.

From the start, Dr. Carbery and his team will help you determine your specific needs and discuss what physical traits you wish to maintain. This will ensure your new smile perfectly fits your face, skin tone, the look you wish to achieve, and any other physical traits involved.

This first encounter will provide our team with all the information needed to come up with a treatment plan. By building your profile, Dr. Carbery will then be ready to quickly move to the next step: Delivering the smile and quality of life you deserve!

Step 2

Creating a treatment plan

In addition to being one of the first dentists in Quebec to have successfully practiced the ALL-ON-4 dental protocol, Dr. Carbery is also proud to replace one or more missing teeth using Nobel Biocares's IMMEDIATE FUNCTION procedure. This procedure combines the latest 3D imaging device (GALILEOS) with virtual-planning software to determine where implants should be located and help design and manufacture replacement teeth. All this is done following an initial consultation with the patient and before installation of implants even begins.

Dr. Carbery and his team also rely on several other technical and technological innovations to offer you the latest treatments. This includes SICAT 3D Implant imaging software, which allows a realistic view of every treatment stage to be performed.

Meanwhile, the NOBEL CLINICIAN software allows Dr. Carbery to combine a patient's detailed clinical information with the data obtained by 3D X-rays. In doing so, the software generates a detailed and sophisticated virtual environment. Dr. Carbery can then control all settings in order to offer the best treatment to refine your smile.

Step 3

The day of your procedure

Thanks to the latest technology, Dr. Carbery will put together a treatment plan that allows him to perform the ALL-ON-4 protocol in a single day. On the day of your visit, Dr. Carbery will extract any remaining teeth, as needed, install implants and affix temporary prostheses.

The ALL-ON-4 dental implant procedure is a good example of immediate function protocol. After initial preparation, patients who qualify for this procedure will normally receive just four implants per maxillary, as well as full teeth replacement, all during the same appointment. The advantage of this procedure is how fast removable dental prostheses can be replaced by permanent implants and new fixed teeth.

As with any surgery, tissues will take time to heal. The day of your procedure, you will receive fixed teeth (a temporary extended-wear prosthesis) that will exert less pressure on your gums and implants.

Step 4

Your new smile

Once your gums heal and your implants are stable, Dr. Carbery will affix your new permanent teeth, made from material that ensures a natural look and solid fit, which will enable you to eat your favourite foods again, without restrictions.


At this step, you will have found your perfect smile again—as well as the quality of life you've been looking for. Your new teeth will have a natural colour, size and shape. Because your new permanent prostheses and dental implants are made from high-quality material, your new teeth will look just like natural teeth!

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