One or more missing teeth

Do not neglect missing teeth!

A dental implant attached to a porcelain crown (ceramic) is the best permanent solution to replace a missing tooth or a deteriorating one. A dental implant will stimulate the jaw, just like a natural tooth.

The loss of any tooth may seem like a simple aesthetic issue but can become a long-term health problem. In fact, teeth do not work alone; they are part of an integrated and complex system where every element plays an important role. Every individual tooth ensures, for example, that the remaining teeth remain straight and allow for proper chewing. When a tooth is missing, healthy teeth have a tendency to change position, which can create obstruction and joint issues in the future. As well, missing teeth create bone loss in the jaw, since the bone is no longer stimulated by chewing, which can in turn cause the loss of even more teeth.

As well as being equipped with the latest technology, the Clinic has its own lab to manufacture dental prostheses where creating and modeling of one or more missing teeth or for replacing a complete dentition are made possible. Dr. Carbery and his team can plan, model and create prosthetic restorations on site, following the highest manufacturing standards.

If you are missing one or several teeth, come and meet us to learn more about the different options Carbery Dentisterie can offer you.

Advantages associated with implants

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